Live the Life you Crave in a Body you Love


Hi! I'm Chelsea, a nationally recognized nutrition and fitness expert. Hundreds of my clients have gone from craving a new life and better body to living their best life in a body they love. 

Professionals at the top of their game and leading brands choose me to create individualized solutions that lead my clients to health and lifestyle outcomes that once seemed out of reach and impossible. 


Changing your body can be complicated if you don't have the right tools for your unique physiology. 

But I can help you cut through the BS & develop a strategy that fits YOUR BODY, YOUR LIFE, and YOUR GOALS. And instead of confused or frustrated... you'll feel confident and calm while your body and life transform. 




DREAM of looking at yourself naked and thinking "Hell Yes" instead of "OMG" 

Feel CONFUSED because every time you open your email or turn on the news there is the next latest & greatest fitness or nutrition solution that claims to solve all of your problems. Problem is you get a new one each week! 

Are BUSY, business, kids, travel philanthropy, you don't have time to sort through it all, but you CRAVE more energy and exceptional health. 

DESIRE the best of everything.  You seek the best restaurants, the greatest escapes, and you want the same for your body.  



Have HELPED hundreds of clients just like you make significant changes to their lives.  I give my clients their time back by doing the heaving lifting for them, making complicated scientific principles easy to understand and implement.  

TEACH people how to live better, I don't give diets and I don't sign you up for my generic coaching programs.  I WALK with you every step of the way.  

I OPEN my heart and my door to the plethora of knowledge, information, coaches, and people who have helped me maintain the body i've maintained into my 40's.  I pull the curtain back and GIVE you all of my resources.  



TOGETHER we optimize your life -

What foods to eat, what supplements to take, what gym or class to sign up for, what equipment to buy, which personal trainer to hire.....  

We DON'T STOP until you are in full CONTROL of you health, your body and your life.  You have boundless ENERGY and confidence in your abilities to maintain your progress. There is no such thing as backsliding, it doesn't happen on my watch!

Oh & cheat days, those are for cheaters, my clients are winners... when your life is exactly where it needs to be there is no such thing as cheating, just living & thriving!   


The Real Deal


Chelsea is a Nationally Recognized Nutrition and Fitness Coach, consulting with individuals and businesses such as Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates, Christies International Real Estate, Belmond El Encanto, and Life Restyle, a boutique lifestyle & wellness program. A Master Presenter and Educator of the Fitness and Wellness Industry, training other wellness professionals around the world. With her signature coaching platform “Stepping A.H.E.A.D ©” she has guided hundreds of clients through struggles such as excess weight gain, energy loss, hormone & digestive disfunction, detoxification, muscle and joint pain, and lack of focus.  

Working with Chelsea gave me more time, more energy and most importantly a 6% decrease in my body fat with less time in the gym and nutrition solutions that worked for my entire family.
— RS. Sr. Managing Director
As a mom of 3 and CEO of a thriving software company I never thought it possible the change my body. Chelsea showed me simple hacks to not only find time, but to overcome my own blocks to my success. For the first time in 7 years I rocked a bikini with confidence!
— LG, CEO & Mom

The Technical Stuff


B.S. Psychology, Florida International University; FDN, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist; Holistic Health Coach, Institute for Integrated Nutrition; Pn1, Precision Nutrition Certified. Previous Certifications and credentials include: Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist (MAT); National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), personal training and sports performance (CPT & PES); AFPA Pre/Post Natal; Spinning Certified; AFAA PT & Group; Mastery Courses taken in RTS; Board Member, Robert Morris University; Club Industry Presenter; IHRSA/ACE Personal Trainer of the Year Finalist 2003; ABA Natural North America Figure Champion 2008; WBFF Winning Competitive Fitness & Figure Athlete 2013 (pictured).

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But maybe what you really want to know is “Is this chick cool?” Well…

  • I’m also a professionally trained DJ with a passion for music.  
  • If you cut me, I might bleed red wine, I love it! I enjoy the artistry in an exceptional bottle.
  • I have the most awesome pair of rescue dogs who crack me up – seriously, they even do push-ups, run on the treadmill and support each other in the gym!!
  • I could never live without access to an ocean and year-round sunshine 
  • I’m LOUD, (just like my Mom). I love being on stage (a true LEO at heart). I also like to clown around!
  • I thrive in an environment of collaboration and personal development
  • I believe in people and possibilities, tell me I can't do something and I'll do it twice.
  • I value myself, my family and friends over all other things.

My passion for creatively applying scientific solutions to fitness struggles is in my DNA (my Dad is a rocket scientist and my Mom is a former hippie and now professional artist). 

I do my best to live a life of gratitude and to show up authentically in everything I do.  I choose to only take a few clients at one time so I can give them 100% of me.  I take my work personally so your results are my results. I have boundless energy and want you to have it too!