CHALLENGE BEGINS Monday 6/24! Pump up your Team!

CHALLENGE BEGINS Monday 6/24! Pump up your Team!

There can be many Teams, but only one DREAM TEAM!

The team with the HIGHEST Daily Average for exercise minutes wins… .

Some of you will enter manually, only minutes spent intentionally exercising should be counted, so no the minutes you spend walking to the printer don’t count!!!

Take advantage of two personal challenges along the way…

*Hit a streak of 7,500 steps per day, here your steps to the printer DO count!

*Complete a journey of covering 100 miles while exercising, try to hit all 8 milestones in the tropical beach getaway! (you’ll see when it starts). Get outdoors to run, bike, or hike for distance.

JOIN Challenge HERE

- If you did any of the previous challenges and you have the app, you’ll be take right to the group

- If you did not participate in previous challenges, continue these steps:

  • Select the option “I am new to MoveSpring” to set up your MoveSpring account

  • The organization code REWELL and the Organization name “ChelseaLayna” should auto-populate

  • Download the MoveSpring App if you choose to use the app, desktop version is also available.

  • Set up your profile, by adding a picture, connecting your device (if no device, select manual as your device)

  • New in this challenge, Friends. You can select your teammates as friends and keep up with their activity…. maybe you want to befriend the competition if you dare!

  • WAIT for the challenge to start and exercise your heart out for 30 days.

  • Reach out for help if you want help from me to support your 30 day challenge!

  • Custom content for your personal wellness provided by Chelsea & our local wellness affiliates

  • Hit your Wellness goals as a Team

  • Group Chats & LeaderBoard

  • Conect your wearable device or phone

  • desktop & Native apps for Ios and android