Sustainable Home Farming

Did you know that the average piece of produce travels up to 2000 miles and spends almost half its shelf life in transit before it gets on a shelf.  To prepare it to withstand transit, it must be picked before it is fully ripened.  The early harvest and time off the vine can end up diminishing the nutritional value of that produce by up to 46%. 

Home, organic, hydroponic growing is lighting up the wellness scene, but who’s got time to tend to a farm!! Thanks to Lettuce Grow, a company founded by Jacob Pechenik and Zooey Deschanel, home growing is simple, requires no time and space, and they’ve taken care of the hardest part of home growing by shipping you pre-germinated seedlings each month.

Lettuce Grow was inspired by The Farm Project, an organization also founded by Zooey and Jacob. The Farm Project aims to re-connect people with their food, provide access to easy home growing solutions, and to connect communities with their local farmers.  Lettuce Grow donates 1 farmstand back to the community for every 10 sold.

Farmstands start at $399, Use or share the code REWELL19 for the first month of seedlings free (up to $69 value)  

Tear sheet available to share in your agency home page.