5 Habits of Mindful People

Living a mindful life goes far beyond sitting cross-legged in meditation or bowing to say “namaste” to passing strangers.  Anyone can decide to be more mindful without spending any additional time “practicing it”.  Choosing to spend time in meditation or adopting a gratitude practice can expedite your way to a more mindful life, but they are not required to get started.  

Here are 5 daily habits of mindful people that you can adopt right now!   

They feel all of their emotions without hooking into them - 

A 2017 study recently revealed that there are 27 distinct emotions, not just the 6 categories previously labeled.  At any point in your day you may experience an array of these emotions.  Learn to label them without being hooked into that feeling permanently.  Often when you recognize or label an emotion, it will lose its power over you.  

They notice their thoughts but don’t believe all of them – 

it is suggested that 98% of our thoughts are repetitive, be willing to throw out the exaggerated, irrational or unrealistic thoughts that can cause anxiety and undue stress.  Choose constructive self-talk over internal criticism. 

They are curious and ask questions -  

Approaching issues with curiosity can help to delay judgement of a situation, this is true to an internal conflict and even a potential conflict with someone else. Simply questioning before judging or acting can give you a few extra seconds and more information to respond instead of react.

They turn routine tasks into mindful moments -   

That short walk from your car to the office door, instead of letting your mind run you over, try to notice the smell in the air, the temperature of the air as it hits your face, what you feel under your feet when you take steps.  How about brushing your teeth, or waiting for your coffee at the coffee shop? Take control of these moments and make them mindful by simply noticing feelings, sensations, sounds, and things around you without judging them or allowing your mind to create a story or get lost in thought.

They nurture their bodies and their mind, actively choosing what to put into each -  

Choosing the nurture your body with healthy foods and avoid things that lower your vibration such as sugar, processed foods, or an excess of alcohol or caffeine. For some nurturing the mind includes avoiding those things that can be toxic to our thoughts, including some tv and social media.  

They also prioritize rest , embrace the imperfections of themselves and others, accept the transient nature of things, thoughts, and feelings, and find moments to be creative or playful throughout the day!