Seasonal Allergies, Relief and Preparation

Spring is upon us and for approximately 25% of the population that means so are seasonal allergy symptoms.  The level at which you respond to seasonal allergies primarily has to do with your body’s current state of immune health and inflammation.  If your immune system is not 100% ready to deal with pathogens such as pollen or other airborne allergens you may experience allergic reactions.  

  • Start with the gut - 80% of your immune system is in your gut, it is the place where your body interacts most with your outside world via nutrient consumption and pathogen elimination.  Work to heal any know gut disorders such as IBS or leaky gut, rebalance gut bacteria with healthy probiotics and anti-inflammatory foods.  

  • Protect your external environment - have any carpets or rugs cleaned, replace and clean all air filters or bring in air purifiers or indoor plants to help.  

  • Focus on adding anti-histamine, anti-inflammatory, and detoxifying foods and/or herbs to your diet.  Here is a great article on histamine reactive foods.  

  • Try adding a natural anti-histamine supplement such as quercetin, bromelain, and vitamin c.  The use of local honey is also said to help prepare your body best to deal with local pollen sources.  

The best way to fight seasonal allergies is to get ahead of them by preparing your immune system and strengthening its fighting power.  Reach out if you would like additional resources to combat allergies naturally.