5G & EMF’s Protecting your family & your home. 

In this week’s post I get to share my two passions with you, wellness and technology.   

But Before I do… Kudos to Brittani and Abby for staying in top 5 on BOTH leader boards for exercise minutes and steps.. Keven coming up in the ranking for minutes, but Amy still has you beat! Karynne hits the minutes chart at #5 and  Lynne & Juliette keeping the top step spots warm!!  Keep it up gang!

Technology is moving so fast that a new generation of wireless signal technology has been introduced about every 10 years since the 1980’s. Which brings us to the current and 5th generation, 5G. 

The excitement of 5G is countered with equal amounts of skepticism from those who study the health effects of radiation and the dangers of EMF’s. No matter what side the fence you sit, we can all agree that technology is moving at a rate faster than we can research.  (Just think, it took us 100 years for the FDA to finally declare that Trans-fats were killing us.)

5G has a signal strength 45x that of 2g and while opponents of the dangers of EMF will claim that these non-ionizing frequencies are safe (vs ionizing, such as x-rays that disrupt the cellular membrane and cause damage cells). The current research supports that they are potentially carcinogenic.  (research links here)

Since we can’t get away from exposure, here are a few ways to minimize it and protect your family.  

  • Use wired internet whenever possible

  • Turn off all unused wireless devices especially at night (or use a timer)

  • Remove all wireless devices from bedrooms (unless they are powered down). 

  • Place shungite or black tourmaline stones in sleeping areas or in office areas where wireless devices are (offices, etc.) *don’t place these directly on or too close to the device).  

  • Use a land line for calls, speaker on your cell if you must, or wired headphones.  Use bluetooth as a last resort for calls.  

  • Keep at least 1-inch distance between your body and your devices (don’t keep your phone in your pocket or use your laptop on your lap)

If you are really concerned you can purchase an EMF reader form between $175 and $350 to better asses your exposure.  There are products such as phone and tablet cases that are available and claim to reduce exposure, however some if not used properly can actually increase your exposure.  The most effective products have been EMF blocking blankets and clothing articles. Most useful in women who are pregnant and men and women trying to conceive, as EMF exposure has been linked to infertility.