Smudging for Home & Energy Clearing.

Smudging (burning incense or herbs) is an ancient ceremonial practice where sacred plants or herbs are burned to cleanse or drive away negative energy and restore balance to people, places, and/or things. The rising of smoke is deeply symbolic across many religions and cultures, most notably rooted in the spiritual practices of the early indigenous American people.  The ascension of the smoke represents the ascension of payers and intentions, bringing them up to the Gods.  Today, smudging is a common practice void of any particular religious connection.  

Smudging is very easy and does not require a professional, only the herbs, a flame resistant bowl (or abalone shell), some safety precautions, and your good intentions. In real estate, it is quite common to smudge sage in a new home or a new listing.  The attached social image shows you 4 herbs to smudge besides just sage.  

Check out this article for a full list of herbs and for more detailed  instructions on smudging.