Real Estate Wellness - 2018 Global Review

Highlights from the GWI Global Trend Report (discussed this morning)

The global wellness institute is a non-profit organization for research and education of the health and wellness industry.  At the end of each year they produce a report called the Global Wellness Economy Monitor which highlights different sectors of the wellness market.  Of particular interest to me (us) is the section called Real Estate Wellness

“Investment in our homes should also be a strategic investment in our health.

For most people, our home represents our most important personal investment and one of our largest expenditures (about 20% of all consumer spending, or more than $9 trillion in 201727), so it is only logical that our home should also be an investment in our health and wellbeing. Yet, wellness lifestyle real estate is a nascent industry that is not well understood by consumers, real estate developers, and investors.“

In the last year:

  • The Global Wellness Economy grew from 3.7 to 4.2 trillion

  • Wellness Real Estate was renamed: Wellness Lifestyle Real estate to encompass the growing trend of lifestyle preferences into the real estate market

  • This sector of the market grew from 118b to 134b, showing a 6% growth, projected to grow annually at 8% to 197 billion by 2022.

  • The wellness lifestyle real estate pipeline consists of 740 projects across 34 countries in 2017. (for more read the build well to live well section of the full report)

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