Sleep Tracking

3 reasons you should track your sleep & 3 gadgets to help - they are also great gift ideas! 

 You should track your sleep if: 

  1. You wake up frequently through the night

  2. you are sleepy throughout the day, even with a full night’s sleep 

  3. you want to optimize your performance (cognitive or physical)

Sleep trackers are booming in the wearable health technology space, the debate still remains as to their accuracy and efficacy for severe sleep disorders and use for medical reference.  Most doctors agree that sleep trackers and other wearables can help inform them to influence their diagnosis and treatment plan, but cannot alone provide an accurate diagnosis.

*If you are worried about a more serious sleep disorder, please see your health care provider.  

There is no debate over their efficacy in helping people change unhealthy behaviors.  These changes are driven by community and personal accountability and the awareness of patterns or habits that do not yield favorable results. All resulting in positive behavior changes that lead to healthier outcomes.   

Here are my favorite 3 sleep trackers currently on the market:

  1. Beddit Sleep Monitor - $150

  2. SleepScore Max - $150

  3. Withings Sleep  - $99

*note that some wearables (such as the aura ring, fitbit, apple watch, etc.) also excel at sleep tracking sleep, but are not included in this list since they are multi-purpose devices.  

Sleep tracking and other biometrical data, can teach you:

  • How many hours of sleep you actually need

  • How well you tolerate caffeine or alcohol

  • The best temperature for you to have the most restful sleep

  • The best times to fall asleep and wake for your individual physiology

  • The best times for you to exercise and how well you recover from exercise

  • How well you are tolerating stress

  • Meal times and foods that work best for you

Depending on the tracking device you choose and your individual health & wellness goals, the opportunities to track, record, and modify are endless.