Set Up for Sleep Success!

Wellness Wednesday – Set up for SLEEP Success!

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It’s “Sleep Month” at JHREA- This month I’ll be honing in on your sleep.  Sleep is your first line of defense for health, wellness, vitality, and energy.  During a proper sleep cycle your body cleans up the damage from the day, re-sets your hormones, and restores your muscles and joints to prepare for the next day.


It is estimated that 1 in 3 adults struggle with sleep at least once per week and that 40% sleep less than the minimum recommended amount of 7 hours of sleep. 


Light exposure and body temperature are two of the most common sleep disruptor because they inhibit melatonin production. Melatonin is the hormone that initiates and regulates your sleep cycle, it is also an anti-aging hormone.  Here are 8 things you can do to keep both in check!


●      Finish all meals and drinks for the day, with the exception of a few sips of water as needed.

●      Set your bedroom temperature between 60 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit, to cool your body and increase melatonin production.

●      Dim your lights or use special bedroom or light adjusting bulbs to prepare your body for rest. 

●      Stop using all electronics or if you must use blue light blocking glasses and ensure you have nighttime settings applies on your devices. Blue light, or the light emitted from electronic devices inhibits melatonin production, which will keep you awake and may prevent you from getting into deep sleep at night.

●      Choose high quality cotton such as Egyptian or Pima, eucalyptus and bamboo fibers are also excellent choices.  Thread counts between 180 and 300 are ideal, as they allow for air to circulate better to keep you cool.

●      Sleep in your birthday suit, research suggests you stay cooler and your skin can breathe easier when you skip the pjs!


Next week, sheets and bedding tips for the ideal sleep experience!


Have a great week and get some sleep!