The Quantified Self - 10 Tech-Inspired Wellness Gifts

The Quantified Self -  My Top 10 Tech-Inspired Wellness Gifts

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The Quantified Self, or the idea of self-knowledge through self-tracking isn’t new. According to his autobiography Benjamin Franklin created a daily tracking system of his 13 virtues to improve his character in 1726, he was only 20 years old!


Today people are taking control of their own health, trying to solve complex problems that many of our healthcare practitioners have failed to solve.  Using data to find answers to questions such as; “why can’t I lose weight, why am I always so tired, why is my skin becoming discolored, why does my stomach always hurt”.


With a little bit of education and the help of some of the latest trends in technology, we can gather more information than we know what to do with.  There is an endless list of activity trackers and smartphone apps, but here are my top 10 tech-inspired wellness gifts:


In my personal collection:

Blue light blocking glasses, $70* - Blocks blue light from electronics for better sleep.

Polar h10 heart rate sensor, $90 – Bluetooth enabled heart rate band compatible with many apps, smart watches, and fitness equipment.

Heart Math Inner Balance, $130* - Heart rate sensor to decrease and manage stress.

Muse, $200* - A brain sensing meditation training device.

LightStim, $250* At home LED light therapy for wrinkles, acne, or pain management.


Top on my Christmas list:

Oura Ring, $299* - Overall lifestyle and wellness tracking wearable ring.

Dreem or Smart Sleep $500* – Sleep enhancing and tracking wearable headbands.

Halo Sport $350* - Brain sensing headband to improve motor learning & cognition.

Brain Gauge $29/mo* - Brain training tool for optimizing overall brain health.

*Prices are approximate, not including holiday promotions.


Reach out if you need help finding a gift for your favorite wellness junkie!