What if?.....

What if it is ALL easy?


What if you AREN'T running out of time?


What if THIS THING that you are currently working on doesn't need to be THE THING that defines your work and your life?


What if you don't have to be PERFECT to be successful?


What if you are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be right now?


What if simply putting one foot in front of the other is "THE SHORTCUT" and the secret to success?


What if NOT KNOWING is something you can look forward to feeling?


What if NOT KNOWING is a reminder to TRUST yourself?


What if NOT KNOWING is what you have ALWAYS done, until you knew?


What if you are right on the CUSP of a major breakthrough or moment of clarity?


What if you didn't NEED either one of those things to know you are making PROGRESS?


What if you CHOOSE to be playful, light-hearted, and relaxed?


What if you REMEMBERED that when push came to shove, you have ALWAYS "made it work" - even when you had no clue how you would do it?


What if you had SUCH an incredible amount of gratitude for the person you are, the resourcefulness you have, the humans you've surrounded yourself with, the amount of love that people have for you, the challenges you have lived through (and thrived as a result of), and the possibilities that await you (and that you can create) that every moment of stress could be met with an equal moment of peace?


I'm not saying any of these things ARE true...I'm simply inviting you to slow down and ask yourself, "what if they are?"


This excerpt is from my friend, best-selling Author, Speaker, and High-Performance Business Coach, Jason Goldberg.  Jason invites his clients to incorporate elements of play, imagination, and fun into their businesses.  Whether you are dealing with your business, your wellness goals, or just your in-laws for the holidays (kidding of course) stopping to ask yourself “what if” can change your perspective.  Changing your perspective can change everything!


Imagine the possibilities & have a great week!


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