Guest Post - Principles of a Healthy Home

Wellness Wednesday Live – In office presentation happening today!


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I’ve written a lot about indoor air quality lately as we are learning more and more about how it affects our health, often going unnoticed until it’s too late.


According to Vickie Memmer of Teton Healthy Homes, most people spend about 70% of their time indoors, more for children and the elderly.  “The air we breathe indoors can be more polluted than the outside air”, Says Vickie.  The medical community is on alert as many diseases are now being linked to indoor air pollutants.


A healthy home supports and protects the health and safety of its occupants. Good home maintenance can act to reduce allergens, prevent illness, and reduce injury from accidents. When was the last time you inspected your attic for leaks, or looked in in your crawl space for signs of moisture or pests? What about your dryer vent? Is it vented to the exterior of your home or does it dead end in your attic? When was the last time you checked it for lint accumulation that could pose a fire hazard?


Today Vickie Memmer will present the Seven Principles of a Healthy Home as outlined by the National Center For Healthy Housing.  During the presentation she’ll share a checklist and basic guidelines for an annual DYI healthy home check-up.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed learning from her.


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