Bone Broth - The Immune Boosting Fall Elixor

Wellness Wednesday – Boost Your Immune System for the Fall with Bone Broth.

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As it turns out chicken soup is good for more than just the soul! Bone broth, once considered medicine in many ancient cultures, contains amino acids, minerals, collagen, antioxidants, and other highly valuable nutrients in a more absorbable form.


The number one benefit of regular consumption of bone broth is boosting immunity by healing the lining of the gut.  Often referred to as our second brain, the gut is our first defense against illness as an integral part of our immune and endocrine system.  Up to 80% of Americans could be suffering from leaky gut syndrome, an often silent gut dysfunction that leads to an increased state of inflammation, poor nutrient absorption, and decreased immunity.


In addition to healing the lining of the gut, the amino acids in the broth, (arginine, glutamine, and cysteine) also help to alleviate symptoms of the common cold by clearing mucus, opening respiratory pathways, and increasing nutrient absorption. Cysteine was found to chemically resemble the bronchitis prescription drug acetylcysteine.


If that’s not enough:

Natural collagen and gelatin support healthy bones and skin

Potassium, glycine, and glutathione to support cellular and liver detoxification.

Vital minerals promote restful sleep and reduce inflammation.


Bone broth can be made at home purchased online or at many local natural grocery stores. A slow cooker works best for home cooked broth, cook bones  18 – 72 hours, add kosher salt and a good splash of apple cider vinegar to pull all of the nutrients out of the bones.  Throw in your favorite veggies and water to the top.


When cooled, scoop the fat off and discard, use or refrigerate within 5 days and/or freeze the rest.  Serve warm and try adding lemon juice, ginger, minced garlic, and/or turmeric to your cup to boost immunity and add flavor.


For a local resource, try Brock's Stocks, available at Haderlie Farms.


To your healthiest self!