The Segue Stop - learn to slow down between tasks

The Segue Stop, while it sounds like the latest dance craze and a pop hit, it’s your newest wellness tool. 


I’m learning a lot about Real Estate Professionals, make it quick, make it catchy. 😊


Today’s post is just that.  I’m teaching you The Segue Stop in less than 1.5 minutes!


To Segue in music is to seamlessly transition from one song to another, in our day to day lives we tend to default to this same “segue” style of working, meaning we flow from one task to the next until our day is over, most of us feeling overwhelmed and on some days underproductive.  Yet between each task lies an opportunity, an opportunity to reset, reflect and transition.  Meditation, yoga, and mindfulness teachers often talk about this moment as the space between.  High performing business coach Brendon Burchard calls it a time for “transition recovery”.  Whatever you want to call it, you must first find it.


Start by looking at your calendar, see if you can pinpoint 2 – 4 opportunities for taking a short break between tasks.  The difference from this transition break is that you are not only taking a break from work, as many researchers have already pointed out has numerous benefits, you are also taking pause to bring your best most focused self into your next task.


Think about the times when you went into a client meeting feeling stressed and not really present, your listening skills are diminished, your creative thinking is reduced, etc.  When you allow yourself this period of transition, you get to become truly present to the task at hand. 


Here are a few things you can do during this Segue Stop:

●      Set intentions for your next task, perhaps create a short vision outcome. For example.  “At the end of this meeting I will feel _________ (how you want to feel at the end of the task or meeting) and the outcome will be _______(your desired outcome from the meeting or task)”

●      Take a few deep breaths, allowing your mind to settle by simply keeping your attention on the physical sensation of breathing.

●      Take a short walk either outside or around the office, research shows walking can increase creativity, decision making skills, and focus.


Soon you won’t have to look at your calendar as the goal is to form the habit of mindful transitioning.  This also applies to your life outside of work perhaps taking few moments in your car before you walk inside your home.  What kind of energy do you choose to bring into your home, to your children, your spouse, and even your pets.


To your best, most focused self this week!