Avoiding Burn-Out

With school starting in a couple of weeks, the final days of summer  seem “officially” upon us.  For most of us that’s the end of summer scramble, which if juggling kids, work, families friends, or just you & a couple of dogs (like me), can be extra stressful.   

No matter your situation, burn-out is usually inevitable if you are not maintaining a self-care or anti-burn-out routine.  If you don’t have one or have lost your way with it.  Here are some tips:

1.     Claim your day, start with your mornings - How you start your mornings can set the tone for your entire day.  Here are a few options:

1.     Take time, 5 minutes is enough.  Meditate, practice gratitude (written is my fav), or visualize a positive outcome for your day. Triple down with all 3!

2.     Do one thing for your physical health. If you have time to workout or do yoga, do it.  Otherwise, contributing to your personal health with a healthy breakfast, green juice, or morning tonic can make you feel off on your best foot!

3.     End your shower with a few minutes of cold (last week’s email), to boost energy, mood, increase immune system activity and decrease inflammation.  That’ll wake you up!

2.     Set your calendar for a couple, 5-minute breaks. -  You are you most important client.  Scheduling even 3 minutes to do something for yourself can save you time by re-focusing and slowing down.  Go outside, meditate, listen to a relaxing song, or just practice deep breathing.  Studies show that breaking up the day with short breaks actually increases productivity.  Give it a try!

3.     Say “NO” -  Sometimes putting yourself first means that you have to say not to some people and things, let that be ok, particularly if it will allow you more sleep, downtime, or rest as they are vital during times of higher stress. 

As my friends at American Airlines say “Put your own mask on first before helping those around you”.  If you cannot show up for yourself first, you can’t possibly bring your best self to anyone else, including your clients. What are you doing each day just for YOU?