Go Jump in a Lake!

Jumping into a cold body of water is more than just a refreshing break from the summer heat. Taking a plunge into the usually 60-70 degree summer water is actually good for your health and a great way to exponentially increase your daily calorie burn and turn back the clock without exercise or diet.
Why cold is cool…..
Boosts Metabolism - Turns on brown fat cells & increases calorie burn without exercise.  Brown fat is marked as “good” fat, we have the most of it when we are babies and recent research shows that adults have small amounts that can be increased and turned on with cold therapies, exercise and quality sleep.  Brown fat is good because it attempts to cool us down without shivering which requires much more energy in the form of excess calories.
Boosts Mood - Mood boosting neurotransmitters are released for feelings of happiness.  Cold therapies are even being used to help treat depression.
Additional Benefits are increased cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation, stronger immune system, reduction of inflammation, improved melatonin production and better hormone regulation.
Don’t have time for a lake plunge, you can do this at home in the shower, yep a cold shower is good for your health.  You can ease into it by alternating 20 seconds of cold to 10 seconds of hot.  Start with a couple of minutes, then increase it up to 5 minutes.  By the time you sing your favorite song it will all be over!
*cold therapy is not recommended for those with medical conditions, always check with your physician.

Want to learn more, check out this 14 minute TEDx-CU talk by Scott Carney.