Thoughts for Food - Independence Day

The United States declared independence on this day in 1776.  Merriam-Webster defines independence as: not subject to control by others, a desire for freedom, not contingent upon or relying on, not bound to.

In this day and age of hustle and bustle, holidays such as this allow us to celebrate the freedom of our nation, but they also allow us time to slow down and focus on those things most important to us, family and friends.
On this Independence day I encourage you to spend just a few minutes of your day, preferably your morning reflecting on how you celebrate your own independence.  Here are 3 questions to get you started.

1. What characteristics about myself do I love, find most unique?

2. Are there any behaviors or thoughts in my daily routine that limit my ability to celebrate myself? (hint: distracting with tv, phone, internet or comparing on social media, etc.)

3. In what ways can I commit daily to celebrating myself? (hint gratitude, journal, self-care routine, meditation, breathing exercises)

Reflect on these and choose to celebrate “you” today, let your independent-self shine wherever you choose to spend your holiday.Then walk in with this Rockstar salad, you’ll be the hit of any party!!!