Summer Time, Summer Travel Tips

Summer time means summer travel!

 In addition to doing my best to eat healthy, sleep well, and exercise while on the road, here are my top 3 summer travel tips to keep you well & healthy through your travels.

  • Water – drink 2 -3 times more water than you think you need, especially when flying.

The humidity in an airplane has been reported around 12%, which is lower than being in a desert.  Most of us are comfortable at 30% and higher.

*fun fact – The Boeing 787 is said to be the healthiest commercial plane in the air because of its air filters with an efficiency of 99.97% and higher humidity than most.

  • Pack immune boosting Vitamins & antioxidants, along with digestive support, probiotics, and natural sleep support for time changes.

Immunity is my biggest concern while traveling, mostly due to dehydration and excess stress traveling, both of which deplete vitamins and antioxidants.  Particularly Vitamins A, D, and C, plus zinc & glutathione.  I always travel with a good probiotic supplement and my favorite Po-Chai pills (Chinese medicine digestive support), and lastly a little melatonin (.5 to 2mg) to help me sleep and beat jet lag when adjusting to different time zones.

  • Connect with your destination & disconnect from technology – Life is busy and many of us seek vacation to relax and recharge, except that often with travel stress, scheduled activities, checking in with work and events back home.  Many people can come home feeling more stressed than when they left. 

Try grounding yourself and connecting with the earth by walking barefoot in the grass or sand or even sitting for a few minutes in nature. Eating seasonably and locally also helps your body connect to the environment around you. Lastly, take a digital detox by giving yourself a cell phone break to take it all in!