Home Sanctuaries - 2018 “Hottest Wellness Trend”

Meditation and yoga have become mainstream practices for those seeking more balance in their life and ways to reduce stress.  Your home should already be a sanctuary from the stressors of everyday life, but many people are now dedicating an entire room or small nook for quiet time and inward reflection, making it one of the hottest trends in wellness according to the Global Wellness Institute and Vera Iconica Architecture, a leading wellness based architecture firm in Jackson Wyoming.

Here are 5 things you can do to bring that same tranquility into your home.

TEXTURE - Bring in texture such as blanket and meditation cushions, plush baskets are a great way to store yoga mats, blocks or straps.  Choose earth tone colors and those that are neutral and soothing to you.

  1. LIGHTING - Use only LED lights in the room, those with a dimmer are preferred.  LED remote control candles can help to set the mood and tend to aid in mental focus and clarity. 

  2. ESSENTIAL OILS - Using an essential oil diffuser to soften & cleans the space. Diffuse sandalwood or clary sage for clearing the space ad removing negative energy; lavender to soothe the mind and promote relaxation; and frankincense for  grounding, balance, and openness.  I love Floracopia oils (floracopia.com)

  3. PLANTS - Bring in plants, particularly those with rounded leaves as they are soft and plush and enhance feelings or relaxation and grounding. The Jade plant is one of my favorites, known as the “friendship tree”.  The Jade plant is also an air cleansing plant, capable or removing pollution from your indoor air.

  4. CRYSTALS - Bring crystals into the space, clear quartz and selenite are two of the best crystals to start with as they help with meditative intention and clearing the mind.