Adapting to Adaptogens

He, She, Who?.... No, He Shou Wu, who knew!  

Tongue twister, maybe, but He Shou Wu is one of many adaptogenic herbs. Adaptogenic herbs are simply herbs that help to support your body during times of stress, essentially helping you physiologically adapt to your environment.  Stress comes in many forms as you “wellness buffs” now know.  You can pick from a variety of adaptogens, toss them in your smoothie, over a salad, or even make a healthy latte.  Yep, a latte.  Check out the attached recipe to make yours at home, if you love it, share it!  

Here are my top 5 adaptogens:

Ginseng  Supports physical endurance, mental clarity and is a great antioxidant.  This herb is great for cardiovascular and immunce system support.

He Shou Wu
A restorative herb that recharges your “battery pack” allowing you to be more resilient. Tonifies and nourishes the hair and skin.

Supports healthy immune response throughout the body. Great for hormone balance in both men and women. Nourishes the thyroid, normalizes sleep cycles, lowers morning cortisol levels and helps with mild anxiety and depression.

Helps to build, support and modulate the immune system. Promotes relaxation, reduces stress and supports adaptability.

The optimist’s herb - is uplifting and supports a positive world view! A protective herb that increases circulation and supports a healthy immune system.