Health Hacks & Secret Hangover Helpers

There are 86,400 seconds in a day, every one of those seconds your physical body is hard at work to keep you healthy and maintain homeostasis (balance).  One of the toughest jobs is fighting exposure to toxins, both intentional (alcohol, sugar, chemicals, etc) and unintentional (travel, stress, polluted air, etc.).

As a former fitness competitor and health maven, I know how great optimal health feels. However, like some of you, I enjoy a cocktail or 2 (full disclosure, maybe more than 2) and that doesn’t always bode well for waking up feeling my best.  So, I allowed my passion and daily quest for high energy and exceptional health lead me down the path of hangover hacking. 

There must be a way to indulge a little and minimize the damage…..  

Here is what I found to work for me.

(these are also the exact steps I take when I travel) 

Choose my poison - my go to is potato vodka or tequila (clear)

Avoid sugary drink mixes and processed foods

Hydrate - I Aim for 1:1 ratio

Load up on Vitamins C & B

Take Po Chai Pills & Activated Charcoal Before I drink and when I get home

Eat as many nutrient rich foods as possible. 

- The Deets -

Some alcohols carry a heavier toxic load the others, clear liquors remain supreme (Vodka, gin, & clear tequila), dark liquors, wine, then beer (in that order) are among the worst.  

Nutrient rich foods like asparagus help protect the liver; nuts such as Pistachios, pine nuts, and almonds are full of magnesium, as are dark leafy greens and even dark chocolate.  Healthy fats such as salmon and avocado help to fight inflammation and protect cellular damage. 

Processed and sugary foods increase inflammation and make it more difficult for your body to deal with exposure to toxins. 

Po Chai Pills are my new bff thanks to my Acupuncturist Juliana King (, Po Chai Pills are made in Hong Kong with more than 10 potent medicinal herbs that support digestive function, often referred to as “Cure-All Pills” with roots in ancient Chinese medicine dating back to 1896.  Juliana recommends taking one vial before beginning drinking and one vial right before sleep with a tall glass of water.  

Vitamins B & C are powerful antioxidants and important for cellular protection.  The verdict is still out on activated charcoal, early research says it helps slow the rise of blood alcohol levels and assist the body in removing toxic byproducts.  For my personal, n=1 study, I have found it to help.  Activated charcoal is not something I take regularly as it is potent and can also block or remove important nutrients.    

As with any other diet or supplement information, always talk to your doctor before trying any new supplements.  Supplements are not be a substitute for a healthy lifestyle or seeking medical advice, this article is for informational purposes only.