Crowding Out & Skillful vs Unskillful

Being in the field of wellness new research hits my inbox daily. One week a certain food cures cancer, the next week it’s poisonous, so most of us do nothing, perhaps confused.  However, most of us know the basics.

 sugar = bad

more green vegetables = good 

stress = bad

healthy fats = good 

processed foods = bad

Here are two subtle shifts, that don’t take extra time!

Shift 1 – Replace the labels good & bad with skillful & unskillful.  This diffuses the emotional charge and judgement we often unconsciously place on ourselves for making choices from the “bad” category. Instead, view that choice as unskillful for your goals and move along.  This shift also helps you stay mindful of what your wellness goals really are.  

Shift 2 – Crowding out. The reason most diets fail is that they are based on the idea of restriction, taking things away from anyone is never pleasant.  Early on in my career to become a holistic nutrition consultant I learned the simple technique of crowding out. Crowding out works in opposition of restriction, you simply pour in more skillful habits so there is no room for the unskillful ones. 

The mentality if “I can’t have that” vs “I’m making a better choice for myself” is a game changer in your subconscious emotional attachments to food and habits.