Protecting Your Noodle

This isn’t about noodles you eat, they have too many carbs! (That’s a wellness joke)…. Anyone?…  I’m talking about the noodle that sits on top of your shoulders, your BRAIN.  When we talk about healthy food, it is often in relation to our physical body, which foods to eat to lose weight or gain muscle, etc.  Food however either nourishes or disrupts all of our deep cellular activity, including our brain or neural function.  Foods that are disruptive for our brain can cause brain fog, fatigue, forgetfulness, anxiety and mood swings. 

You won’t be shocked to hear that the two biggest culprits are sugar and processed foods.  However you MIGHT be shocked to hear that not enough good quality fat in your diet can also be disruptive.  Your brain is made of 60% fat and is the fattiest organ in your body. It requires essential fatty acids (EFAs) not manufactured in your body, so you must eat them.  Best sources are certain cold water fish, flax seed, olive oil, chia seeds, walnuts, & egg yolks.

 In addition to EFAs, the best foods for your brain also contain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.  Here are my top 5 favorite foods to incorporate into your diet for a healthier brain:

  1. Avocados – The avocado fruit is one of the healthiest fruits you can eat, its high fat and low sugar content keeps blood sugar stable and your skin glowing.  Loaded with vitamins B, C, K, and folate.  Toss them in a blender to thicken a smoothie or mix in a salad dressing. 

  2. Beets – Packed with antioxidants, beets help reduce inflammation and rid your body of toxins.  They also contain natural nitrates that boost blood flow to the brain helping mental and physical performance.

  3. Broccoli – Full of vitamin K and choline, this vegetable helps keep your memory in tip-top shape.  Also packed with vitamin C and plenty of fiber to keep you full for longer. 

  4. Coconut oil – This should be a staple in everyone’s pantry, great for fighting bad bacteria in your gut and reducing inflammation. This is another healthy fat.

  5. Egg yolks – Packed with choline and capable of breaking down bethane a chemical that produces hormones related to happiness, egg yolks are great brain fuel & they can make you happy!  Recent research shows that eating eggs including the yolk had no negative effect on cholesterol levels, in fact they may contribute to increased levels of the good cholesterol. Always go for organic, free-range when possible. 

To make room for these healthy foods, see what “not-so-healthy” foods you can eliminate form your diet.  Move over French fries!