“Wellness: The changing face of Luxury” - Luxury Society 2017

As an agency what sets you apart to clients? To top talent? 

In the highly competitive market of Luxury Real Estate, relationships make the difference. Your team needs to be supported to operate at their best, every moment of the day. And your clients want to feel understood and appreciated. 

Consider this. 30% of Millennial homebuyers are skipping the starter home and jumping directly into a luxury home (up from 14% in 2013 - National Association of Realtors). Meeting their relationship needs should be at the forefront of your mind. They want a reason to choose YOUR TEAM over your competition. And guess what they care about…… 

Experience over things

Health over wealth

Quality over quantity

Wellness IS the New Luxury

Which is why I create custom wellness solutions for Luxury Real Estate Agencies who get it! 

If you're ready to embrace (and profit from) this changing market, I'll give you the solutions that you didn't even realize you were looking for. 

Luxury Real Estate clients receive unique pass-through programs for agents and clients. These resources set your brand apart from the rest. 

Your in-house wellness program will become a powerful recruiting tool, help build employee loyalty, and will help agents build their client relationships, increasing referrals and repeat clients. 

Location still matters. But in addition to WHERE, discerning luxury clients now care more than ever about HOW they live. 

Get your FREE copy of “Why Wellness Matters in Luxury Real Estate." You'll discover: 

- Research showing how this $134 billion dollar segment of the wellness market is predicted to grow 8% (to $197 billion) by NEXT YEAR. 

- Exactly how I can help you elevate your Luxury Real Estate business above the rest and capitalize on this trend.