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Challenge Support Documents -

Check here to download support documents posted to the challenge content.

  1. The Power of Purpose

Your Challenge is to exercise 600 minutes in 30 Days  

JOIN Challenge HERE

1. Click the link above to get added to the group

2. Select the option “I am new to MoveSpring” to set up your MoveSpring account & profile

  • At set up the organization code is RELOWELL and the Organization is My RE Wellness will auto-populate

4. Download the MoveSpring App if you choose to use the app, desktop version is also available.

5. Inside the app or in your profile connect your device or your phones health app (Apple Health for Iphone and Google Fit for Android). Or select Manual Entry from the device list to manually enter your workout minutes if you do not have a tracker or do not want anything connected to the app!

  • Custom content for your personal wellness provided by Chelsea & our local wellness affiliates

  • Hit your Wellness goals as a Team

  • Group Chats & LeaderBoard

  • Conect your wearable device or phone

  • desktop & Native apps for Ios and android

  • Most importantly be the most fit agent in town with boundless energy to sell more!


(you can still join even after the challenge begins)

WIN bragging rights and fun prizes…. Email me with questions!!!