It’s 9 o’clock. Time for your another glass of wine, right? 

Let’s be real: the answer is yes

But in our demanding modern workplace, where the line between work and leisure is blurring more every day, your personal wellness couldn’t be more important.  

You need to be on and on at your best every moment of the day! From how you show up to work to how you manage stress, I'm here to help you be your best. 

Personal Optimizer

Sometimes you just need that little push in the right direction. During this 3-part consultation. We spend 50 minutes in person or remote together, taking a deep dive into your goals and uncovering any opportunities or hidden blocks to your success. I'll provide you with a clear path to follow to shift both your perspective and your body in the right direction, complete with a new eating plan, workout goals, and lifestyle modifications, all customized for you.  You’ll receive two follow up meetings, one-week and one-month from our initial meeting.

Stepping AHEAD - 4 Month One-onOne Coaching Program

Sorry, this program is currently full. Like you, I give 100% to everything I do. Which is why I only work with a few clients at a time.  My private coaching programs are intense, we go deep, build new habits, and work together until we reach our set targets.  Your workouts, eating plans, and lifestyle blueprints are customized to you as an individual, guided by me daily. Hormone and dietary testing may be advised. Program fees start at $1500 and include all on-line coaching programs in addition to personal meetings and calls with me each week!

*NEW - Online Monthly Coaching

Tired of diets, programs, fads, but serious about achieving long term success, this is the program for you. Designed to meet your needs for 365 days and truly teach you how to live, eat, and exercise for the life and body you want. Re-set your relationship with food and dieting for good! This program gives you daily habits, and an education about real balanced eating, helping you achieve and maintain realistic goals for your health, wellness, and body. I’ll be with you every step of the way in partnership with Precision Nutrition’s ProCoach, you’ll have access to me and a system that has worked to change thousands of bodies!