Elevate your workplace into a health and destination where the world's most ambitious thrive

Your people are your most important assets, and I’m here to help them be the best they can be in and out of the office.

The average worker spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime, and the most ambitious, even more. As modern life blurs the lines between work and leisure, wellness is becoming the ultimate luxury.

Workplace wellness programs are well documented to:

  • Improve employee productivity, moral, and health behaviors

  • Reduce health risks such as, high-blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes

  • Promote weight loss and reduced BMI for improved health screenings

  • Save money by reducing employee sick time

  • Lowering insurance costs

Let’s work together to create a new kind of workplace, one in which health and wellness isn’t an afterthought but part of the foundation for your organization’s success.

Elevate your company’s culture to the next level with these services, designed to take your current wellness program beyond expectations. Impress your clients and employees by giving them access to the exclusive information and resources that they want for lasting & life changing results.

To learn more, book a complementary 30-minute phone consultation to review the exact needs for your unique business and employees.

Wellness Initiative Examples

Events, Presentations, Workshop, or Training Session Examples

* Jumping off the Health Hamster Wheel * Sur-Thriving the Holidays * Stop the Stress Cascade * Energy Hacking for Productivity at Work * Red Carpet Ready, Event Day Nutrition Strategies

On-Site Wellness Fair Services

* Body Composition Testing * DNA Micro-Nutrient Analysis * Fitness, Meditation, Yoga & Healthy Cooking Classes.

Engaging Wellness Challenges

* One-time, or ongoing employee wellness challenges encourage healthy behaviors, camaraderie and teamwork, team and individual challenges, fundraiser options, mobile app and desktop versions.

Ongoing Corporate Wellness Services

* Employee Wellness Consultations * Engaging Weekly Wellness Content * Marketing and Newsletter Support * Live and On-line Events and programs * Employee Challenge and Wellness Tracking App for Iphone, Android, and desktop * Reporting & Participation Analytics