What is FDN?
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) is a systematic approach to health and wellness that seeks to identify and correct the underlying causes of disease. FDN goes beyond treating symptoms by using individual health histories and non-invasive laboratory testing to uncover the root cause of health problems.

Areas of focus during treatment are hormone and thyroid disorders, immune function, detoxification, proper digestion, and the reduction of stress and inflammation. Fitness and nutrition habits are key contributors to a client’s overall wellness and play a significant role in their diagnostic discovery.

By shifting the symptom-centered approach of traditional medicine to a client-centered approach, FDN is able to address the unique physiology of each person; supporting their individual expression of health and vitality.

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Can FDN help you? Absolutely, the practice of FDN has helped thousands of clients, just like you, that are suffering from common health ailments and chronic decease. The therapeutic partnership built between you, the client, and your FDN Practitioner provides the trusting support system necessary to achieve a successful restorative health outcome. While uncovering the root cause of your health problems, your FDN Practitioner will develop specific protocols tailored just for you, addressing all areas of your life that could be holding you back including: sleep, stress, exercise, diet, and more. It all starts with you.

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What if I already have a trainer or coach?  Congratulations, you’re off to a great start! Inviting your current trainer or coach to join us on your restorative health journey is perfectly acceptable. Serving as your Functional Nutrition Practitioner, I’ll work closely with your trainer or coach and incorporate the fitness plan you are already following into the personalized functional assessment. From there, we’ll be able to uncover the underlying causes of the disease you are suffering from: excess weight, energy loss, immune deficiency, digestion problems, muscle and joint pain, and lack of focus: to name a few. Integrating fitness, nutrition and foundational lifestyle factors such as sleep, exercise, nutrition, stress levels, relationships, and genetics, will help determine the best path toward restoring your health. Let’s work together.  

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Have you helped others like me? Yes! Hundreds of clients have benefited from my personalized approach and are now living the healthiest and most active times of their lives. Patients with chronic health issues and debilitating symptoms have achieved complete balance in the three pillars of health: fitness, nutrition and life.

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