“Doing” vs “Training” Cardio 2

Are you “doing cardio” or “training cardio”?  As a trainer and instructor, there’s a huge difference.  Sure, doing cardio has it’s place and gets you in the door, but training cardio takes your efficiency to a new level. When I work with clients individually and in classes, training always has

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It’s HERE! has arrived. 1

What’s new? Why the change? After years of experience and education, I’ve learned that being healthy is more than just about being fit, it’s about being whole and finding balance. With that understanding, I’ve narrowed my focus to three essential areas where balance is key to reaching optimal health; fitness,

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It’s not exactly the “Spinning” that’s Making you Fat! 2

In response to the August 15th, Harpers Bazaar article “Is Spinning Making you FAT”. I’m call BS on this and questioning the scientific rational behind blaming spinning for making people fat, specifically their legs & butt.  Before I start, let me first say that the Author is an exceptional writer, but

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