Coloring…. Not Just for Kids

Easing stress is all of the rage these days, and coloring is the trendiest way to do it!  Adult coloring books are popping up everywhere and have been especially popular throughout Europe.  Here areCrayons 3 benefits to buying into the coloring trend…  oh & yes I’ve tried it too!

  1. Quiets the mind. Like a form of meditation, coloring can help you stay focused on the present moment, reducing your capacity for negative emotion and anxious thinking.  Streamlining focus to a single expression of creativity does not leave much room for the mind to continue to wander.
  2. Improves breathing. Slower breathing encourages deeper breathing, allowing for greater oxygen uptake, higher oxygen uptake further reduces stress.
  3. Gives you a technology break.  Coloring will take you away from the overstimulating world of your computer, smartphone, or tablet.  This we already know can reduce your stress levels!

Additionally Research (1) has shown significant improvements in stress management, including hormonal changes in response to stress.  While coloring, decreases in heart rate, calmer breathing, and changes in brainwaves were also reported.

Try to take a coloring break today, you don’t even need a fancy coloring book.  Try using these mandalas you can print them right from your computer! I recommend setting aside at least 10 minutes, with your cell phone off.  Relaxing music is a nice accompaniment.

Coloring is not considered art therapy and should not replace any therapeutic modality to assist with physiological or mental disorders.


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